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Come along while we travel the USA in an RV, exploring parks, gardens, and hiking trails, and having adventures wherever we wander!

Waterfall, Nature, Water, Flowing
Chasing Waterfalls in the Southeast
Imagine a scene of breathtaking beauty: a cascade of crystal-clear water cascading down a towering cliff face, surrounded by lush green forests and ancient rock formations. The sound of the rushing water...
Exploring Quoddy Head State Park: Where Adventure Meets Serenity
Welcome to Quoddy Head State Park, a hidden gem where the thrill of adventure harmonizes with the tranquility of serenity. In this post, I will share the rich history, unique features, and countless opportunities...
Campground Beauty
Work + Wanderlust: Navigating the Pros and Cons of the Work Camping Lifestyle
Are you ready to trade the conventional 9-to-5 grind for a life of adventure and exploration? Let me introduce you to the world of work camping, where the lines between work, travel, and lifestyle blur...
Farmland, Grass, Countryside
Hidden Gems: Exploring the Covered Bridges of Lancaster County
Nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania’s scenic countryside, Lancaster County is best known for being Amish Country. And what could be better than a scenic tour through the stunning landscape of the Pennsylvania...
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